Shooter’s Choice Universal Gun Care Pack


Designed to keep your guns clean, lubricated, and protected, the Shooter’s Choice® Universal Gun Care Pack is an all-in-one solvent, lubricant, and rust-prevention set. This set includes a 2 fl. oz. container of solvent, a 4 fl. oz. container of lubricant, and a 6 oz. rust prevention aerosol can. The solvent gently dissolves carbon, lead, and copper fouling, keeping your firearms free of performance-inhibiting buildup, while the lubricant penetrates deep into metal surfaces, leaving behind a smooth film for jam-free operation and lasting corrosion resistance. Finally, the rust prevention aerosol offers easy, effective application, and leaves behind a protective, anti-corrosive film, designed to repel moisture, dust, and dirt for lasting corrosion resistance during storage and transport.

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