Bulldog Cases Deluxe Hip Holster for Compact Semi-Auto Handgun with 2″-3″ Barrel


Give yourself an unfair advantage over would-be assailants with the Bulldog Cases® Deluxe Hip Holster for Compact Semi-Auto Handguns (2″-3″ barrel length) from GunMag Warehouse. Designed to deliver superior concealability, comfortable and secure carry, and a lightning-fast draw in virtually any tactical or personal defense scenario, this holster features a durable, water-resistant nylon shell with double-stitched edges for unmatched strength and reliability in the field, while deluxe padding protects your handgun’s finish from dings, dents, and other cosmetic damages. If that’s not enough, this compact pistol holster features a molded thumb-break snap closure and sewn-in belt loop for secure carry and improved reliability, all while delivering a quick, snag-free draw. Imported. Order today!

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