X-Grip SIG SAUER P238/ Colt Mustang .380 ACP 7-Round Magazine Grip Adapter


This is an XGRIP magazine adapter for Sig Sauer P238/ Colt Mustang pistols in .380 ACP
These slip-on adapters add a finger grip extension to 7-round Metalform magazines that don’t already have one.
Designed to maximize the versatility and performance of your arsenal, XGRIP’s patented magazine adapters are crafted from ultra-durable polymer and designed to snap onto the base of your extended capacity Metalform magazines.
To install, just slide over the body of the magazine and snap into place around the flat steel baseplate. XGRIP adapters don’t just enhance ergonomics either, they also prevent over-insertion that can damage the inside of your weapon.
The patented 1 piece XGRIP adapts the 7 round metal floorplate .380 magazine for use in the COLT MUSTANG or SIG SAUER P238 pistols, incorporating the larger magazine into the subcompact’s grip, and increasing the gun’s capacity to 7 rounds.
The 1 piece XGRIP snaps over the 7 round metal floorplate. Once installed, the XGRIP protects the extended magazine and floorplate. Compatible with Colt MUSTANG or SIG SAUER P238 .380 cal 7 round metal floorplate magazines.
So grab a few XGRIP adapters for your arsenal today!


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