X-Grip H&K P2000SK-P30 9mm/ .40 S&W/ .357 SIG 9/10-Rounds Magazine Grip Adapter


This is an XGRIP magazine adapter for H&K P2000SK-P30SK pistols in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG
These XGRIP adapters allow you to safely use full-size H&K P30 magazines with P200SK and P30SK pistols.
Designed to match the style and feel of H&K combat pistols, XGRIP’s magazine adapters are built from ultra-durable polymer and designed to snap onto the base of your full-size magazine. They aren’t just about adding capacity and enhancing ergonomics either, they also act as a natural over-insertion stop to protect your pistol’s internals.
Installation is tool-free and takes just a few seconds. XGRIP adapters snap-fit onto the baseplate of the magazine.
The XGRIP adapts the HK P30 full size magazine for use in the P2000SK incorporating the larger magazine into the P2000SK’s grip, and increasing the gun’s capacity for 9mm and .40 cal.
Grab a few adapters for your H&K pistol today!

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