X-Grip .380 ACP Magazine Grip Adapter for Glock 42 Pistols


This is an X-Grip® Magazine Grip Adapter for Glock® 42 pistols.
Featuring impact-resistant polymer construction, these X-Grip magazine adapters give you improved capacity and critical extra grip area for handling your Glock 42 pistol. Glock magazines are some of the world’s finest—and most flexible since they’re shared across different pistols and platforms. X-Grip magazine adapters make them even more flexible; allowing you to easily use larger magazines with smaller Glock pistols while getting additional grip area and a natural over-insertion stop to preserve your pistol’s internals. X-Grip adapters are a cinch to install, snapping on over the base of your factory magazines in a matter of seconds and turning your concealed carry pistol into a combat-ready sidearm.

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