Taurus CT9 G2 9mm 10-Round Magazine



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This is a Taurus CT9 G2 9mm 10-round magazine.
These reliable double-stack factory Taurus magazines for the CT9 G2 Carbine in 9mm feature blued steel metal bodies, black polymer followers, and black polymer baseplates.  
Taurus no longer manufactures the CT9 G2 Carbine in 9mm (or any other caliber) and has discontinued making new magazines for this gun.  These are reliable, proven, and trustworthy Taurus factory-new magazines identical to those shipped with new guns.
Taurus CT9 G2 Carbine magazines are reliable and robust, but time and use take their toll on all magazines.  These are hard to find, so if you’re a CT9 G2 Carbine 9mm owner (or in the market for one) take advantage of our great price on these magazines to stock up while you can!

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