Sticky Holsters Micro Handgun Pocket Holster


Designed to fit comfortably and securely inside your pocket or waistband for deep concealment and a quick draw, the Sticky Holsters® Micro Handgun Pocket Holster is an ambidextrous pocket-carry holster, designed to accommodate small pistols and derringers with a barrel length of up to 2.5”. The non-slip rubberized exterior utilizes the natural friction and compression of your clothing to secure the holster to your body, while the non-marring, microfiber interior with closed-cell foam padding protects your firearms from scratches, bumps, drops, and abrasions. Weighing less than 3 oz. with a closed-end design, this pocket holster delivers deep concealment and superior corrosion protection, while the lightweight design offers unmatched comfort and bulk-free carry. Better yet, your natural body heat allows the holster to conform to your gun for improved comfort and concealment.

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