Ruger SR-556 6.8mm SPC 5-Round Magazine Steel



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This is a factory steel 5-round magazine for Ruger SR-556 rifles in 6.8mm SPC.
These compact stainless steel magazines are ideal for shooting from bench rest, prone, or long-range, and they tuck away conveniently into any pocket or pack.
Ruger’s SR-556 rifles introduced a new “two-piston” mechanism and a host of desirable features that took AR-pattern rifle engineering to a whole new level. With the original model now discontinued and the SR-556 takedown now taking its place, these Ruger factory magazines are a hot commodity …
Designed in collaboration with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, the 6.8mm “Special Purpose Cartridge” (SPC) brings a whole new level of accuracy and stopping power to the world of rifles.
Engineered to the same exacting quality standards as your original equipment, these 5-round 6.8mm SPC magazines are the perfect addition to any serious SR-556 kit.

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