Ruger .45 ACP Magazine Loader


This is a factory .45 ACP magazine loader for Ruger P90, P97, and P345 and 1911 pistols.
Save your time—and your fingers—with this handy, one-piece, .45 ACP  blued steel magazine loader from Ruger.
Designed for use with single-stack .45 ACP pistols including the Ruger P90, P97, SR1911, and P345, this magazine loader will cut your reloading time in half, cutting your loading time by 50% or more, giving you more trigger time at the range and fewer scratched fingertips and thumbs.
Worth noting; this loader is reported to function with most standard 1911 magazines, making it a perfect addition to practically any gunner’s kit. It will NOT work with Ruger American .45 ACP magazines.
All Ruger accessories are proudly made in America.
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