Real Avid Gun Tool


The original Gun Tool from Real Avid®, this specialized multitool is a great addition to any range bag or cleaning kit. Built around a stainless-steel chassis, this multitool features a wide assortment of Allen wrenches, Torx® bits, Phillips, and flathead screwdrivers. A magnetic bit driver allows the use of the included bits or standard aftermarket 5mm bits for specialized tasks. A scope turret adjustment tool ensures you’ll never need to go looking for a coin or brass casing to zero your optic, and the universal shotgun choke wrench allows you to quickly and easily change chokes in the field. A pin punch and claw-point blade are also included for general utility. Small enough to fit in a pocket or range pouch, the Real Avid Gun Tool is the perfect solution for in-the-field or on-the-range gun maintenance.

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