Real Avid Gun Tool AMP – AR15


This is a Real Avid AMP AR-15 Gun Tool
The Gun Tool AMP from Real Avid is an all-in-one maintenance solution for your AR-15.
This AR-15 multitool features an assortment of different tools to make it easier to maintain your AR-15. A bit driver with a selection of common Allen, Torx, Phillips, flatheads, and a sight adjustment tool ensures you always have the bit you need for your rifle. A takedown punch assists in removing stubborn pins, and the bolt override tool provides greater leverage on the bolt when clearing malfunctions.
The Gun Tool AMP also includes a series of scrapers designed to aid in removing carbon buildup from the bolt carrier group, the bolt itself, and the firing pin. A small knife is built into the tool for cutting open ammo boxes or cleaning components.
With durable stainless-steel construction and all-in-one convenience, there’s no reason not to add a Real Avid Gun Tool to your maintenance kit.

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