Real Avid Gun Boss Pro AR15 Cleaning Kit

Designed specifically to deliver a detailed clean for AR-15s, the Real Avid® Gun Boss® Pro AR15 Cleaning Kit features a virtually indestructible polycarbonate case, with a unique kickstand design for easy access and reliable organization. Each tool is clearly labeled for quick identification. 4 brass rods screw together with 8-32” threads to form a stable 29” cleaning rod, connecting to a rotating receiver in the handle for a superior clean. This convenient kit includes 6 wool star chamber cleaning pads, a tap hammer, bolt carrier brush, 50 cotton patches, 90° angled brass scraper, steel pick, 3-in-1 bore illuminator/pin punch/safety flag, phosphor bronze bore brush, chamber brush, and a nylon slotted tip, ensuring a reliable, precise clean every time.

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