Real Avid Gun Boss .270, .280, 7MM Multi-Kit

The Real Avid® Gun Boss® .270, .280, 7MM Multi-Kit is the ultimate cleaning kit for serious hunters, designed to keep your hunting rifle free of harmful rust, gunk, and grime. This multi-kit includes 2 cleaning kits in 1: a professional-grade cleaning kit and a reliable Bore Boss® single-pass cleaning rope. The expanded, professional-grade cleaning kit includes bore brushes, slotted jags, cleaning patches, picks, scrapers, and more for a thorough clean. The Bore Boss features an integrated phosphor bronze brush that scrubs away carbon, copper, and lead fouling, while the braided bore mop easily wipes away residue and evenly distributes lubricants for a reliable clean. Plus, the plastic storage case keeps everything organized for easy access.

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