Real Avid Gun Boss .223, 5.56MM Multi-Kit

The Real Avid® Gun Boss® .223, 5.56MM Multi-Kit is designed to keep your AR in perfect working condition, regardless of whether you’re in the field or within range of your workbench. This quality cleaning kit includes a Bore Boss® single-pass cleaning rope for speedy cleaning in the field, as well as an expanded kit to fully clean the bore, action, and chamber. The Bore Boss features an integrated phosphor bronze brush that scrubs away carbon, copper, and lead fouling, while the braided bore mop easily wipes away residue and evenly distributes lubricants for a shimmering clean. Better yet, the Bore Boss self-stores in the included flex case. The case offers simple, compact storage, and comes equipped with an integrated slot, allowing it to be used as a handle to pull the cleaning rope through the bore more easily! The expanded, professional-grade cleaning kit includes bore brushes, a star chamber brush, star chamber cleaning pads, cleaning patches, picks, scrapers, and more for a thorough clean. Better yet, the Bore Boss and the expanded cleaning kit easily store in the plastic storage case for convenient transport and easy access.

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