Real Avid AR15 Gun Tool Pro


Specifically designed to service AR-15-style rifles and carbines, the Real Avid® Gun Tool Pro features 35 precision-engineered tools for quick maintenance and repairs while on the move. An A1/A2 front sight adjustment tool makes for easy zeroing while on the range or in the field. The needle nose pliers easily grip and tighten small, hard-to-reach parts and pieces, and an integrated cable cutter quickly snaps through twine, baling wire, zip ties, and more. The bolt carrier carbon scraper and detachable pick quickly remove jam-causing carbon buildup and other obstructions. A cotter pin puller allows for quick disassembly of bolts for a thorough clean, while an 8-32”-threaded receiver bit is readily compatible with standard cleaning bits and jags for quick field maintenance. A metal file easily files away metal burrs and grime, while the locking claw-point knife can be used as a pick to remove carbon fouling and easily cuts through packages, twine, rope, and more. The bolt carrier carbon scraper quickly removes jam-causing carbon buildup and other obstructions, while the 3-position locking bit driver readily accepts any of the included 9 bits (3/32” Allen, 7/64” Allen, 1/8” Allen, 9/64” Allen, 3/16” Allen, #1 Phillips, 3/16” flat, 3/32” flat, and pin punch). This tool also features T10, T15, T20 Torx® bits, and a magnetic storage container easily stows small screws, bits, nuts, and more for added convenience. The integral tap hammer allows you to gently tap out pins and other parts that require a bit of blunt force. What’s better, this durable multi-tool includes a MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath for convenient carry and easy access.

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