ProMag 9mm 50-Round Drum Magazine for Glock 17/19 Pistols


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This is a ProMag® 9mm 50-round drum magazine for Glock® 17/19/26/34 pistols.
Get ultimate firepower for your Glock pistols and compatible carbines with ProMag’s 50-round drum magazine for Glock pistols. Built from impact-resistant polymer with tough stainless steel springs, heat-treated carbon steel upper housing, and a handy reloading crank, ProMag’s Glock drum magazines are made in America, engineered for ultra-reliable performance, and sold with a lifetime guarantee to ensure years of reliable service. These drum magazines are compatible with all of Glock’s double-stack 9mm offerings and any carbine that accepts double-stack 9mm magazines, making them the perfect upgrade for practically any arsenal. Most extended magazines (including drum mags) come with stiff springs from the factory, taking some time to properly break-in. Consider grabbing a magazine loader to make reloading your 50-round drum easier and quicker.
Double down on firepower with a ProMag drum magazine for your Glock pistols and carbines today!

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