Mec-Gar Luger P08 9mm 8-Round Magazine


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This is a Luger P-08 9mm 8-round magazine.
With a classic design that inspired so many of today’s pistols, the Luger P-08 is an iconic piece of firearms history—but with Mec-Gar magazines, you can relive its glory days. Optimized for reliable function and feeding, these magazines are a practical addition to any Luger P-08 collection. Crafted from durable, heat-treated carbon steel with fiberfill polymer base plates and high-tensile steel spring internals, these Mec-Gar magazines have the look and feel of classic Luger mags with improved design and functionality. Mec-Gar is the world authority on firearms magazines—with over 100 million produced in the last fifty years. They’re constantly evolving and re-designing to improve performance and reliability.

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