Magpul MOE SL AR15/M4 Grip


The Magpul® MOE® SL AR15/M4 Grip is a drop-in pistol grip for AR15/M4-style firearm platforms, delivering improved ergonomics and simple installation at an affordable price. Constructed of reinforced polymer, this durable grip features aggressive Trapezoidal Surface Projections (TSP) texturing for a reliable non-slip grip in virtually any environment. A beavertail backstrap design, coupled with a slim grip profile, offers improved comfort and control, keeping you on target with reduced fatigue. The SL design also makes it an excellent option for shooters with smaller hands. This sleek model allows for a higher grip into the beavertail backstrap, resulting in ergonomics and further stability while firing. With an angle of 17º, it is optimized for rifles with a shorter length of pull (LOP), meaning it brings the trigger hand closer to your body, providing greater support and comfort. Includes installation hardware. Made in USA.

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