KCI Beretta 92FS 9mm 30-Round Magazine

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This is a Beretta 92FS 9mm 30-round magazine from KCI.
The Beretta 92 was America’s primary service pistol for decades—and these extended magazines from KCI are engineered to help keep your Beretta in service for years to come.
Built from corrosion-resistant blued steel with high-tensile internal springs and impact-resistant polymer baseplates, these Korean-made extended magazines are an awesome alternative to the more expensive factory mags produced by Beretta.
Of course, as with all extended magazines, they’ll be difficult to load the first few times. That’s why we always recommend grabbing a magazine loader. Regardless, the internal springs will gradually “wear in” after the first few loadings and make the magazine easier to handle.
Like all KCI magazines, these come with a lifetime warranty to ensure their quality and reliability.
Double down on firepower with a few extended magazines for your Beretta today!

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