John Masen SKS 7.62×39 10-Round Detachable Magazine



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This is a John Masen 10-round detachable magazine for SKS rifles in 7.62x39mm
Built from steel with ridged gripping surface and a matte black finish, these John Masen magazines deliver superior performance in SKS rifles.
The SKS carbine combines a conventional wooden stock and rifle grip with the modern intermediate 7.62x39mm cartridge, delivering the best of old and new in an affordable and fun-to-shoot package. Thanks to its long-standing popularity there are a wealth of aftermarket upgrades to turn your SKS into a serious tactical contender.
With over 39 years of expertise producing high-quality firearms magazines, John Masen is an all-American name you can trust.
Grab a few spare 10-round John Masen magazines for your SKS rifle today!

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