HSGI Extended Pistol TACO MOLLE Magazine Pouch


This is a MOLLE-compatible TACO EXTENDED PISTOL Magazine Pouch.
Crafted from Kydex® and Cordura® nylon with shock cord lacing, these classic TACO magazine pouches are 2.25” longer than standard size and equipped with an optional HSG clip for easy mounting on MOLLE gear. Lightweight and flexible, TACO magazine pouches provide an all-weather solution for storing a wide variety of extended magazines ranging from single-stack 1911 to double-stack Glock, Beretta, XD mags and more. They can also be used to keep flashlights and multi-tools handy. TACO magazine pouches are sold with a lifetime guarantee and are proudly made in the United States of America. Grab a few TACO pouches for your extended magazines today! Dimensions: 1.5″H x 1″W x 6.25″L.
High Speed Gear Extended Pistol MOLLE — hold pistol caliber sub gun mags, batons, larger lights.

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