HSGI Extended Pistol TACO Belt Mounted Magazine Pouch


This is a Belt-mounted TACO EXTENDED PISTOL Magazine Pouch.
2.25” longer than standard TACO pistol magazine pouches, these extended pouches feature the same durable Cordura® and Kydex® construction, with a shock cord to ensure a quick and easy fit with practically any magazine on the market today. These magazine pouches provide a snug and secure fit with single- and double-stack magazines including 1911, Glock, Springfield XD, Beretta, CZ, and more. They’ll also fit a variety of other equipment including flashlights, sub gun magazines, batons, and more. HSGI TACO magazine pouches are the gold standard for competition- and combat-ready mag storage—lightweight, easy to use, with practically limitless mounting possibilities thanks to the attached Velcro® portions and wide belt clip. Like all TACO magazine pouches, these are proudly made in the United States of America and sold with a lifetime guarantee to ensure years of reliable performance. Pick up an extended magazine pouch for your kit today! Dimensions: 1.5″H x 1″W x 6.25″L.
High Speed Gear Extended Pistol TACO Belt Mount — hold pistol caliber sub gun mags, batons, larger lights.

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