Hoppe’s BoreSnake .40, .41 Pistol & Revolver Bore Cleaner


Change the way you clean your handgun with the Hoppe’s® Bore Snake™. This innovative bore cleaner integrates the various stages of cleaning into a single, simple pull through the barrel. Cleaning is as simple as dropping the brass-weighted pull-cord down your barrel and pulling the Bore Snake out the muzzle. The Bore Snake integrates bronze brushes and a cleaning surface 160x the size of a standard patch into a single unit, scrubbing and swabbing your barrel in a single pass-through. Machine-washable for easy cleaning and flexible enough to be rolled up and stored in a pocket, the Bore Snake is the perfect addition to your cleaning kit. It’s also stamped with the caliber, making it easy to identify if you have multiple different calibers. This Bore Snake is compatible with .40 through .41 caliber firearms, including .40 S&W and .41 Remington Magnum.

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