Hoppe’s Black Universal Cleaning Kit


Compatible with any pistol, rifle, or shotgun, the Hoppe’s® Black Universal Cleaning Kit is an all-inclusive cleaning kit, designed to deliver a reliable, consistent clean for lasting performance. This kit includes a 2 oz. bottle of Hoppe’s Black High-Performance Gun Cleaner for cutting through carbon, copper, and lead fouling, and a 2 oz. bottle of Hoppe’s Black High-Performance Precision Gun Oil for lasting corrosion resistance and smooth performance. The 3-piece aluminum cleaning rod features a pivoting T-handle for improved control, while 5 caliber-specific bronze brushes safely scrub away residue. This kit also includes 2 cotton mops, 3 nylon jags, one nylon shotgun slotted tip, one shotgun adapter, and cleaning patches for a superior clean; all packaged in a reusable plastic storage case.

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