Bulldog Cases Pro Tactical Leg Holster for Medium/Large Frame Handguns


Favored by law enforcement agencies and civilian tactical shooters across the country, the Bulldog Cases® Pro Tactical Leg Holster for Medium/Large-Framed Handguns is a lightweight leg-mounted tactical holster, designed to deliver improved weight distribution, superior all-day comfort, and a lightning-fast draw in high-stress scenarios. Featuring heavy-duty nylon construction with fused padding, this holster offers exceptional all-day comfort and superior protection against cosmetic damages, while the adjustable belt loop and non-slip leg strap readily secure the holster to your leg for reduced fatigue due to constant shifting and poor weight distribution. The adjustable hook-and-loop strap offers added security and stability, and the integrated spare magazine pouch allows you to carry an additional single- or double-stack pistol magazine for superior firepower in tactical scenarios. Order yours today and hit the range in confidence!

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