Bulldog Cases Cell Phone Vertical Holster


Specifically engineered to deliver discreet carry and superior concealment with micro pistols, the Bulldog Cases® Cell Phone Vertical Holster is a lightweight, yet durable CCW holster, favored by off-duty law enforcement personnel and everyday carry enthusiasts across the country. This discreet holster features a heavy-duty nylon shell with a padded interior for reliable corrosion resistance and superior field performance at an affordable price. The convenient magnetic closure secures your pistol in place for a quick draw and secure carry with either hand, while integrated belt loops and metal clips secure the holster close to your body for improved reliability and deep concealment. If that’s not enough, this holster is fully ambidextrous, readily accommodating a variety of carry positions with both right- and left-handed shooters. Imported. Go incognito and carry in confidence with this ultrareliable vertical cell phone holster. Order today!

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