Armalite GEN II AR-10 7.62mm/.308 20-Round Magazine



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This is an Armalite AR-10 magazine with a 20-round capacity. This magazine will work with Gen 2 Series-B Armalite AR-10 rifles.
The Original— When you need the best for your AR-10, trust the experts. Often imitated, but never duplicated, these mags come from the original inventor of the AR-10, Armalite.
Lightweight Construction— Crafted out of strong, lightweight aluminum, these magazines won’t weigh you down or hold you back.
Rugged Reliability— With a hard-anodized black finish and durable stainless-steel spring, there’s nothing these magazines can’t handle.
Full Capacity— These mags strike the perfect balance between profile and firepower. In most rifles, these magazines are the largest available that won’t protrude below the grip, allowing them to be used comfortably for prone and bench rest firing.

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